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Joan Chen and Vivian Wu (front, center), stars of nine-time Academy Award-winner The Last Emperor, are joined by producer Jeremy Thomas (back, center) and executives of Image Entertainment and The Criterion Collection at a screening to announce the 20th anniversary release of a special-edition DVD collector’s set.

G+A published a monthly, in-store magazine distributed in 2,000 Hollywood Video stores.

Agency Philosophy

Greenleaf + Associates believes that bigger is not necessarily better.  Clients often gravitate towards large agencies in the belief they will receive more senior strategic counseling.  Instead, after the initial pitch, what they get are junior people, huge invoices – and a sense of betrayal.  Our philosophy is that our clients will relish an agency where the principal and other senior associates are directly involved in the account, the fees are reasonable and success is measured by results. 


In addition to a central, Los Angeles-based team, G+A has formed a network of affiliates across the nation as a virtual agency.  Our associates are seasoned, independent professionals who share our vision.  Each one brings a unique background to the mix.  Consequently, we can provide account teams uniquely assembled to complement your account’s specific needs … offering a breadth of experience rather than just focusing on a specific, rote discipline.  G+A also offers geographic reach, with associates located in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. 


This multi-faceted, vertically-integrated approach to public relations allows companies to maximize internal synergies and simultaneously, cost-effectively focus on a variety of agendas. That way, clients know what to expect and we do too. 

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